who built red fort

who built red fort

The Red Fort is a marvellous piece of the Indian medieval history. It is located in the capital city of India, New Delhi. It was the main residence for the Mughal emperors for around 250 years, until 1857 when Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal ruler, was deported to Rangoon by the British. Every year the national flag is hoisted from the main gate of the red fort on the Independence Day by the prime minister of India.

It was constructed in the year 1639 by the then Mughal ruler Shah Jahan as the royal residential palace of his capital city Shahjahanbad, which was a city famous in the world for its grandeur. Its designer was architect Ustad Ahmad Lahauri. The fort is built along the banks of river Yamuna and is completely made up of red sandstone. The Construction started during Muharram, on 13th of May, 1638 under the Supervision of Shah Jahan. Its construction finished on 6th of April, 1648.

Shah Jahan was born on 5th of January, 1592 and took his last breath while he was under house arrest on 22nd of January, 1666. He was the son of Jahangir and was the king for the following thirty years from 1628. In 1657, Shah Jahan fell ill, which blazed off a battle for the throne of the Mughal Empire, in which Aurangzeb, emerged as the victor. When Shah Jahan’s condition improved he was subjected to house arrest in the Agra fort by Aurangzeb from 1658 till he took his last breath in 1666.

After the sudden death of Jahangir in 1627, the war for the succession of the throne blazed and Shah Jahan rose as the victor. He purged all his enemies for the kingship and was crowned as the emperor in the month of January of the following year in Agra.

Albeita staunch army leader, he is known for the architectural fondness. The period for which he reigned is considered by scholars as the golden period of the Mughals and also their architecture.Shah Jahan allowed the construction of many monuments during his lifetime of which TajMahal, where rests the love of his life, Mumtaz Mahal and structure which is the monument of red sandstone, the red fort are the two most famous ones.

The Red Fort is the largest monument of Delhi sprawling over an area of 254.67 acres. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations. It attracts thousands of tourists every year from all around the world. A sound & light extravaganza describing the illustrious history of the Mughal Empire and is also a major tourist attraction. A museum of “blood paintings” is also housed within the complex, depicting the young and valiant freedom fighters and their war stories, The Red fort also appears on the backside of the INR 500 note.


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