Who Discovered DNA?

Who Discovered DNA

DNA was discovered by Francis Crick. DNA, the full form for which Deoxyribonucleic Acid is the molecule of life. This is the material present in all humans and other beings …

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Who Discovered Radioactivity?

Who Discovered Radioactivity

Radioactivity was discovered by Henri Becquerel. Radioactivity refers to the ability of some particles to emit energy particles by disintegration of their atomic nuclei. Henri Becquerel first discovered it as …

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who discovered magnesium?

Who Discovered Magnesium

Magnesium was discovered by Joseph Black. The discovery was made in Edinburg in the year 1755. Through the years several groundbreaking research studies were then carried out to study the …

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Who Discovered Antarctica?

Who Discovered Antarctica

Antarctica was discovered by James Cook. Geographical discoveries and findings have always played a major role in human evolution. Knowledge of new surroundings helps us to understand our world better. …

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who discovered sodium?

Who Discovered Sodium

Sodium was discovered by Humphry Davy in 1807. Inventions and discoveries are what change the world around us. As and when new discoveries are brought to life; they transform our …

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who discovered America?

who discovered America

It is believed that Christopher Columbus discovered America on 3 August 1492. But recent Discoveries suggests that Viking may be the first to discover the great lands of America. America …

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who discovered proton?

who discovered proton

Ernest Rutherford Discovered the Proton. The person behind the discovery of Proton,  Ernest was a physicist born in New Zealand. After the great Michael Faraday, he is referred to as …

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who discovered neutron

An English physicist Sir James Chadwick discovered Neutron in 1932. Neutron is one of the three subatomic particles that constitute the structure of an atom. The other two particles are …

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