Who invented football?

Football is a game that dates back to history and is a new version of rugby football (rugby) and association football (soccer). The game was played in Britain with a set of rules to be followed. The game was founded in 1892 by Walter Camp known as the “Father of the American Football”. He was the one who brought changes to rugby football and gave it the name of American football. That is how this game came into existence.

Walter Camp – Inventor of American Football

Walter Camp
Walter Camp, Father of the American Football

Walter Camp was born on April 7, 1859, and died on March 14, 1925. He was a multitalented personality – a player, a coach as well as a writer who used to write about sports. He not only played the game of American Football but was into writing books related to the sport. Around the time of his death, nearly 30 books and more than 250 magazine articles have been written by him. He went to Yale College where he started teaching football. Teams taught by him have even received national recognition as champions. Soon he became a coach and football became his passion or even means of livelihood. He started his playing career around the year 1876 and happens to become a coach from 1888 to 1895. Under his guidance the team of Yale College during the years 1888, 1891, and 1892 played extremely well. They have been recognized as national champions.

american football players
Players Playing American Football

With the passing time, college football became a popular sport choice. During the first half of the 20th century the United States got inclined towards the game and got national audience keen to watch them play the game. It was a great invention of its time and highly recognized by the people as well as among the people.