Who Invented Football

Football is a game that dates back to history and is a new version of rugby football (rugby) and association football (soccer). The game was played in Britain with a set of rules to be followed. The game was founded in 1892 by Walter Camp known as the “Father of the American Football”. He was the one who brought changes to rugby football and gave it the name of American football. That is how this game came into existence.

He was born on April 7, 1859, and died on March 14, 1925. He was a multitalented personality – a player, a coach as well as a writer who used to write about sports. He not only played the game of American Football but was into writing books related to the sport. Around the time of his death, nearly 30 books and more than 250 magazine articles have been written by him. He went to Yale College where he started teaching football. Teams taught by him have even received national recognition as champions. Soon he became a coach and football became his passion or even means of livelihood.

Walter Camp
Walter Camp – Inventor of Football

He started his playing career around the year 1876 and happens to become a coach from 1888 to 1895. Under his guidance, the team of Yale College during the years 1888, 1891, and 1892 played extremely well. They have been recognized as national champions.

Know more about football

Football is one of the most-watched and most played games in the world. Almost every child of every age and every gender enjoys football. This includes their parents and their parents before them, who have grown up with football too. The game if football has been a part of the world in the form of rugby and soccer for almost two centuries now. The game of football was first invented by Walter Camp in 1892 and that is why he is known as the Father of American Football. Born in 1859, Camp was a highly talented individual who was completely invested in the game of football not only as a player and a coach. He was also involved in writing about sports as well. He wrote many books related to the game too. He has taught many players and teams that have led them to gain national recognition. As time passes, the essence and dedication given to the game of football have only increased dramatically with more students and children of every age coming up and taking up the sport!

Football Match

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), along with the world’s football governing body and other affiliated FIFA, consists of 211 men’s teams from across the world. The most-watched football matches include the FIFA world cups, and the league matches played between clubs. There are several rules of playing the game, and if you are new to it, then you must know the following-

  • The total time for each match is 90 minutes, which is distributed in two halves of 45 minutes each with a 15-minute rest period in between.
  • Each team consists of 11 players with one goalkeeper and ten outfielders. The match may also be played with a minimum of 7 players.
  • The size of the pitch may vary but must be within the stipulated rules.
  • In case of a draw between the two teams, a penalty shoot-out is .
  • The whole ball must cross the entire line for it to be a goal.
  • Four or more fouls result in the player getting a yellow card (a warning) or a red card.

Football is played internationally as well as within the country itself as league matches. Players are selected from all around the country for international competitions, but for games representing individual clubs, the club associations may have a contract with any player they would like.

How does football affect our lives

Games have been a major part of activities that people engage in throughout their lives. People of every age group enjoy games and they try to engage in the game as much as they can. At every step in life, people try to get in touch with games because they tend to keep us lively, happy, and keep our adrenaline pumping. Playing games has a lot of advantages and if you are especially interested in outdoor games then you must know how many health benefits it has. One of the most famous outdoor games, that comes to people’s minds when asked about games is football. Football has been a part of human life for decades now. However, although people are very much invested in the game.

With the passing time, college football became a popular sport choice. During the first half of the 20th century, the United States got inclined towards the game and got the national audience keen to watch them play the game. It was a great invention of its time and highly recognized by the people as well as among the people.