Who Invented Bifocal Glasses?

As is evident by the history of science, Benjamin Franklin independently invented the bifocal lens and ore it too, in the year 1784. Sir Benjamin Franklin was born in 17th January, 1706 and died in 17th April, 1790 at the age of 84. he was one of the renowned polymath. He was also a leading author and printer. Beside these, he was also a political therapist, a politician, an inventor, a scientist, a postmaster, a diplomat, a freemason, a humorist, a postmaster, and also a statesman. When the sight of Sir Benjamin Franklin’s eyes deteriorated, then this idea had to strike a chord in his mind. He was very wary of switching between lenses that he used for his farsightedness eye problem and nearsightedness eye problem. That instigated him to create the bifocal lens.

The up gradation that has evolved since years of this invention is evident now. But when it was first discovered, the scenario was something different. At the commencement of creating this, first two lenses got combined directly that resulted in a quick switch between the upper lenses and the lower lenses. Then at nearly the end of the 19th century, Louis de Wecker solved this dilemma when he fused the parts of the lenses collectively. Peter Williams, who invented the trifocal lenses, coined the term- bifocals. He credited sir Benjamin Franklin in the year 1824.

Benjamin Franklin

Bifocals are referred to eye-glasses which have two dissimilar optical powers. These are generally prescribed to the people who have the syndrome of presbyopia. It’s also used by people who require correction for their illness of myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. It’s literally a boon to a world where the pressure to the eyes increases day by day and even children suffer from these kind ailments which require bifocal lenses.

While the advantages are many, there ought to be some disadvantages as well. These lenses can lead to a headache and wooziness of the users which happens due to quick switch of vision from the upper lenses to the lower lenses. Adjustment of the lower very often is needed and the use of computer and mobile screens also causes the power to exfoliate. But. Overall it can be referred to as a great invention by Sir Benjamin Franklin to the world.