Who Discovered Earth Was Round

Who Discovered Earth Was Round?

Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher told or imagined that the earth was spherical. He told this in 6th century BC. It is said that Columbus may have said or invented that the earth is not flat. It is round. Otherwise, on his voyage he may have fallen from the edge of the earth. In 1492, Columbus has set out to discover new land. He ends up to the conclusion that it is the shape of the earth that leads him to various lands, but it has no boundary or end. The final and valid information has given by Galileo Galilee.


Galileo Galilee is the person who has been said as the inventor of the myth or the fact that the earth is round. He was the central figure of natural philosophy to modern science. He is someone who has been the pioneer of the renaissance. He has studied gravity, velocity, speed, free fall, principles of relativity, projectile motion, etc. He worked in technology and applied science too. He invented the telescope, thermoscope, military compasses, etc. His contribution has no boundary to science. He is known as a philosopher, astronomer, engineer, and mathematician. He is still remembered as the father of science.

Science has made its impact on the theory of great Galileo

The earth is round. We have read it for childhood. We know that geography books are going to publish this truth time and again. The earth is round like other planets or stars. There are many planets in the galaxy. All are walking at their own pace. But we are sure that this information is authentic. The upsurge of science has brought the truth that the earth is round. Nowadays by the use of technology, we know that earth is moving around the sun. It is moving in its orbit. It is going from west to east. We watch the Sun come to the east and go by the west. But all this information is learned by the inhabitants of the earth only reading books. Recently science has let us know about the galaxy. But all this was not so easy for a man. Thorough research has been made by astronomers, scientists and they have to come to a conclusion.

We really can’t able to understand or fathom the importance of this discovery. We know the earth is round. But what and why it makes differences we cannot say. We know that many scientific inventions have made an impact based on this fact. Sailors have useful theories to sail through and getting back to the start point. We know that this Galileo theory is the base on which the modern astronomers are getting success and able to gather information from the universe. This invention has no particular point to discuss as this is the base science, upon which we are still living.