Who Founded Adidas

Who Founded Adidas?

Adolf Dassler founded Adidas on 18 August 1949, Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adidas AG, first called Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, is a multinational corporation, producing shoes, clothing, and accessories for sports utility. With its headquarters in Germany, it first began with producing the finest soccer shoes and later raced its way into all sports from basketball, soccer to tennis, and made itself available to everyone. It is the holding company for Adidas Group which has the Reebok sportswear company as a part and owns the 8.33% of Bayern Munich, the football company.

Adolf Dassler, Founder of Adidas
Adolf Dassler, Founder of Adidas

The company has been raising to maximum popularity with its trendy and comfortable manufacturing and strategic social media marketing. In 2015, Adidas Originals became Instagram’s most-liked account, and their collaboration with celebrities like Kenya West has grabbed more eyes than ever. The athletes like Muhammad Ali, James Harden, Gazelle, Franz Beckenbauer have had made Adidas the most desirable and go-to brand for not just lightweight, easy maneuvering shoes but also for trendy and fashionable pick for outdoors.

In this era of digitization, Adidas has meticulously conceived several strategies that would help the company to strive in the next generation; this is because, in terms of progress, even yesterday’s technology becomes outdated if a new invention is encountered. According to resources, Adidas has planned to spread out to its customers as a result of which it will have a larger number of retail shops than any other competitor, apart from this, Adidas has declared about its pilot projects in Berlin and other business grounds to inspect the nature of the upcoming business curve. Coping up with the changes, Adidas surely possesses a brighter prospectus with never-ending fame.

Adidas founder

The journey that started in a small scullery from making his first sports shoe in Herzogenaurach, Germany has come a long way to being the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-largest in the world, with the man, Adolf Dassler anchoring, directing, and leading this company to the huge success that it was going to be. Adi Dassler, after returning from World War I started this company, along with his older brother Randolf in 1924, with the three guiding principles of producing the best shoe, protecting the athlete from the injury, and making the product durable. After the death of this legendary show-maker before his 78th birthday on September 6, his son Horst Dassler stepped into the court to move his father’s legacy forward.

adidas shoes
adidas shoes

Soon after its launch, Adidas caught the eyes of the sports personnel after it had become the most widely worn German shoe brand at Olympic Games at Helsinki in 1952 and later went on to dominate the Soccer World Cup in Chile in 1962.

Current Ceo of Adidas

Kasper Rørsted is the Current Ceo of Adidas ( 1 Oct 2016– ). He was formaer CEO of Henkel. In 2016 he leaves henkel and join Adidas.