Who Invented Air Conditioning

Willis Carrier has invented Air Condition. The evolution of air condition is kept on changing. The cooling system has gone through several steps like:

  1. Evaporative cooling
  2. Development of mechanical cooling
  3. Electrical air conditioning
  4. Refrigerant development these above modifications have brought the modern shape or
    device management for air conditions.

Global warming or status display, what makes you decide to install air condition at your house. You are achieving your target, this is the main reason you are trying to have some relaxation. You have pleaded to your boss to get Air Condition at your desk or service room so that you could continue your work incessantly. This is the reason you have bought Air Condition in the world. A device that can change the environment of your room can change your mood. You don’t feel anxious anymore. The invention has dragged many discussions and the usage of materials in this device has also brought many eyebrows at frowning.

About the Inventor

William Carrier has brought the new look for the first time on 1902.A skilled engineer had been working on the weather changing pattern. He had been chasing the experiment on laws of humidity control, to solve an application at a printing plant.

How the invention has affected people

This is device or process of reducing heat and moisture of the air from the interior parts of the house. This device can be used and we are using it in interior and commercial places since 1902.The revolution of lifestyle has brought Air condition at many places where the machinery become another member of the firm, house, shopping malls, schools ,transportation etc. The air condition has become part of other places like, heat producing electronic rooms-computer servers, power amplifiers etc. We have become accustomed to this device massively. It has affects on us.

  • It impacts on our health-It increases the growth of micro organisms. The cooling device store waters or cooling chemicals. The over usage or less drainage of this chemicals can damage the health of the affected people or all ho are using air condition.
  • It can be used in hospitals, as conversely humidification, filtration, cooling, disinfection is infused by the cooling system, so the patient can get safe, clean and hypoallergenic ambience and get cured soon.
  • The negative effect it has on human as it lets the skin dry caused dehydration sometimes.

We are aware of the ill effect of air condition or its emitting green house gases effect at large. We are seeking comfort but it should not take away the real life from us. Technological use is important but should not exceed the boundary. We use techniques but it is to satisfy our life, not to violate it.