Who Invented Antibiotics?

Who has invented Antibiotics is very important and Alexander Fleming is the core responsibility as the inventor. By far we have started using antibiotics from 1940 with the use of sulfonamide drugs. Common illness like pneumonia, urinary tract infection, strep throat is caused by bacteria. Antibiotics cannot kill viruses so it cannot treat viral infections.

  1. Penicillin is the first antibiotic and its true potential came to life in 1940 and wide fermentation practice was developed for the production of antibiotics. Staphylococci were the human infection, which got cured by the first penicillin. Dr. Fleming saw that some bacteria he had left on a plate got perished naturally by penicillium mold. This is the first incident he came to know about antibiotics. You cannot imagine a short cut was contaminated with bacteria and it made the portion infectious and incurable at a first glance. Before the invention of antibiotics individuals could do much about this.
  2. Antibiotics affect on humans is adverse most of the time, if you are applying it by not knowing it. It has side effects varying from a range of mild to severe depending on the type of antibiotics that have been used.
  3. Antibiotics have a correlation with obesity. If we examine mice with a low dose of penicillin then we will be able to calculate its body and fat mass, the bigger hepatic appearance of genes difficult in adipogenesis, when compared to other mice.
  4. People have always trusted his gut instinct and courage to admit the wrong and invent the right one. Antibiotics have invented to cure the diseased bodies and perish the germ from the person. But the misuse or overuse has land patients, common persons, and physicians into trouble and it takes alacrity to curb the matter by a good administration.
Alexander Fleming

An antibiotic is “opposite life”. It kills life or inhibits the bacterial growth of life. An antibiotic is not active against germs such as the common cold. It revolutionized medical science in the 20th century. Its overuse has lead to bacterial development against resistance. The self-medication has put many a number of people to death even. The medicine becomes boomerang when its excessive use based on antibiotics exceeds its standard. The knowledge of medicine has not been acquired by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. The dose of antibiotics has told or asked by doctors based on the condition of the patient. Here the antibiotics invention has mattered the most. Its overuse may have harmed the common life, but the amount of goodness it has, we cannot deny.