Who Invented Botox?

Dr. Jean Carruthers, a Canadian eye-doctor is the mind behind this inimitable invention of Botox. All of us have at least some idea of what this actually does. The most common explanation of a Botox treatment is that it smooths the facial skin and also enhances the facial beauty by overdoing the different parts of the face. And who does not like to inflate his or her beauty? So, a Botox treatment has become very common amongst commoners these days.

Where does botox come from – Botox history timeline

Dr. Jean Carruthers is a Botox Inventor as well as a world-wide recognized cosmetic surgeon, recognized for her work in the field of cosmetics. She is an expert, who has dedicated a handsome amount of time in the development of many cosmetic procedures that are famous globally. Her work is reviewed by almost 300 categories of scientific article writers and book publishers. Dr. Jean Carruthers is a well-spoken communicator and has till now delivered thousands of speeches in different presentations based on the topic of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. jean carruthers - Inventor of Botox
Dr. jean carruthers – Inventor of Botox

Her name is featured in the following magazines and articles- ‘Best Doctors in Canada’, ‘The New York Times’, ‘Allure Time’, ‘Newsweek’, ‘Vogue’ and on ‘20/20’ as well. She along with her husband-Dr. Alastair Carruthers has pioneered in the field of cosmetic usage via the bacterium ‘botulinum A exotoxin’ (also known as Botox) and continues to draw advances from the invention… She is also a clinical professor at the ‘University of British Columbia’ in Vancouver, in the department of Ophthalmology. Dr. Jean Carruthers has been getting along with patients across the world to meet the needs of every individual in the cosmetic field, for almost 30 years now.

How does botox work

botox injection treatment

The scientific name of Botox is actually Botulinum toxin (BTX). It is a protein which is neurotoxic in nature. It is produced by bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum and also other correlated species. Jean and her husband Alistair Carruthers once found out that blepharospasm patients got frown lines on their face when injected near their eyes. They spotted, that the injections which are used to prevent eye spasms, also smoothed the facial lines. In 2002 the FDA finally approved the Botox Cosmetic treatment, after examining all the clinical trials and procedures. Whatever might be the reviews about this invention but people love to give themselves a beauty regime and so this business is growing in billions over the years. Dr. Jean Carruthers has seriously contributed much to this invention.