Who Invented Condoms?

From its origin, condoms have been a great subject of interest. To have pleasant and safe sex, condoms were used in ancient as well as in modern times to prevent venereal diseases. A Condom is also known as the rubber, the wetsuit, the jimmy, and even the nightcap. The usage of condoms for several purposes has led to its dynamic development into the conventional latex type that is used all over today.

From the Ancient Greeks to wartime procedures, condoms have been used in pursuit of contraceptive measures. Talking about the humble beginnings of this object and its evolution with time lets us observe and appreciate the development of civilizations that have preceded the world today.

So, the main question that arises here is that who actually invented the condoms and in which Year?? The answer to this question is Charles Goodyear, who in 1839 invented the rubber vulcanization process and got patented in 1844.

Charles Goodyear
Charles Goodyear

How the Invention of Condoms have evolved with the Passage of time

Keeping aside the modern era, many of the most impactful contraceptives evolved, rather than coming up with something all of a sudden as the result of an invention. The expansion and evolution of the condom is a great example of a device that was there for hundreds of years, altering in function and manufacture to fit the times and requirements of the people.

In modern times, condoms are used a lot as they help to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Initially, condoms were used by the ancient Egyptians, who wore them to save themselves from Schistosoma.

In the Renaissance Europe of the sixteenth century, the condoms were used as a weapon against a sexually transmitted disease, when the waves of a dangerous form of syphilis swept through Europe. It was advised by an Italian anatomist to men to use a linen condom to protect themselves from venereal diseases.

As the world reached the eighteenth century, condoms were made of animal membrane. This was more effective as a birth control device because they were waterproof.

In the 1960s and 1970s, most of the women turned to medical contraceptives such as birth control pills and IUDs. However, in the 1980s, condoms went through yet another renaissance due to the rise of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and the discovery that the condoms were highly effective in avoiding its transmission.

Presently, condoms—along with sterilization—are the most contraceptive used by Americans. In 1995, that number was 20.2%, or approximately 60 million, up from 13.4%, or 57.8 million, in 1988. A total of 13% of women who used condoms experienced an accidental pregnancy in the initial year of use in 1994.

So, do this Invention work or not

Will the condom work or not solely depends upon how you use it, you need to use it correctly to gain the utmost pleasure and save yourself from any disease. There have been a lot of cases in which the condom is used but still, the women get pregnant. In a year, 2 out of 100 women whose partners used condoms appropriately got pregnant. This number goes to 19 out of 100 women when the condom wasn’t used in a correct manner.

Condoms also diminish the risk that a person would pass an STD to the other. The risk varies according to the disease. For instance, condoms are 100% useful at protecting against HIV. But it the most common sexually transmitted disease that can easily affect the areas that are not covered by the condoms such as scrotum. Condoms to an extent lower the risk of HIV, but it doesn’t mean one cannot have HIV.

Here are some of the main reasons why you need to wear a condom when fulfilling your sexual desires:-

  • Shows maturity- Taking care of your sexual health is the most important thing, and can be seen as being responsible.
  • Low-stress level- It makes you feel less worried about the chances of getting pregnant. But it must always be kept in mind that this is not 100%.
  • You have many partners! -Not everyone is faithful in the present time. People generally think that it’s okay not to use a condom as they use it when they’re with other people. Which is absolutely wrong! One must always use a condom.
  • You are not un-married. This is not to insult anyone or say that if you are married means you are safe. Chances are that if you aren’t committed, your partner may not be with you in the future. Having many partners doubles your risk!
  • They’re cool. Condoms now come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. They come up with different lubrications that boost sensation, such as Trojan’s new Fire & Ice.


Today, the use of condoms is in billions and continues to grow with the passage of time. The transmitting of STIs has dropped to a great extent. The number of unwanted pregnancies has also decreased with the usage of the condom. Condoms come in different sizes and colors and fulfill the needs of every individual. Condoms even come in different flavors so the individual can pick any as per the likings and whatever satisfies them.