Who Invented Cotton Gin?

A cotton gin is a machine that is used to separate the cotton fibers easily and quickly from their seeds. This machine produces greater product than the manual cotton separation can do. Eli Whitney who was born on December 8 in the year 1765 in Westboro, Massachusetts, was the inventor of the machine Cotton gin. He did his graduation from Yale College in the year 1792. Eli Whitney died on 8th January in the year 1825.

Eli Whitney designed and constructed a machine that could automate the separation of the short – staple cotton fiber from the cotton seed, this machine is known as cotton gin. He invented this by the month of April in the year 1793. And also, the machine of Eli Whitney was the first to clean short – staple cotton.

cotton gin machine

Cotton Gin Inventor

Eli Whitney after his graduation wanted to be a tutor but he instead went to Mulberry Grove very near to Savannah – Georgia to give his hands-on plantation. At that time, he came to know about the production of cotton and about the difficulties the farmers were facing to make a living. since the cotton fibers could be stored for a long period of time, so it was one of the ideal crop but the difficulty was to separate the fibers from their seeds. It took so many hours to separate the fiber from the cotton seeds manually. Then Eli Whitney tried to know about this and with the help of Greene – her estate administrator he got know about the delinquent with small – main cotton. And soon after he built the machine which is known as cotton gin.

inventor of cotton gin
Eli Whitney, Inventor of Cotton Gin

on 28th October of the year 1873, Eli Whitney applied for the patent of the cotton gin of him. The patent of his cotton gin was granted on 14th march of the year 1794 but the patent was validating after 1807. The patent of Eli Whitney was consigned as 72X patent number. The cotton gin model of Eli Whitney had the capability of cleaning 23 kg or 50 pounds of lint per day. A wooden cylinder which was surrounded by rows of small spikes, was comprised in this model. This wooden cylinder, through the bars of the comb like grid, pulled the lint when turned by a crank. And the grids were very closely spaced which was preventing the passing through of the seeds.

For centuries there had been simple seed – removing devices but Whitney’s cotton gin by automating the whole process of separating make it easy. And it also made the cotton production profitable in the southern states. Also, after the invention of the cotton gin of Eli Whitney, cotton became the leading export of America but due to the patent issue Eli Whitney could not make much money despite of its huge success. But based on his reputation, later Eli Whitney got a major contract for the United States Government to build the muskets. Eli Whitney is also credited, for his work, as a Pioneer of American manufacturing.