Who invented Ranch Dressing?

Steve Henson is the person behind the ranch dressing. When he was working as a plumbing contractor, he also supervised the food requirements of his fellow workers which made him realize the need for a ‘buttermilk’ dressing. Eventually, his mates loved this thing which made him think of running a business involving the manufacturing of ranch dressing at a large scale. Kenneth called this dressing ‘ranch’ because it was made in a dude ranch that he and his wife Gayle purchased (Hidden Valley Ranch). His invention revolutionized the food industry in America and started to spread itself in Canada too.

Steve Henson
Steve Henson

Salad – this word either excites the taste buds of fitness freaks or else it creates a feeling of dislike amongst the junk lovers. But ‘ranch dressing’ is probably a blessing for those who don’t like veggies. It generates a delightful aroma and flavor in our minds. When specific herbs and spices along with buttermilk, salt, garlic are mixed with mayonnaise, we get a creamy mixture that is used as salad dressing. This is the ‘ranch dressing’. It is used as the ‘dip’ with broccoli, carrots and celery. Since 1992, ranch dressing is the most consumed salad dressing after dethroning Italian dressing. Ranch dressing is also used as a dip for chips and nachos in USA. At times, yogurt is mixed with it in order to create a low fat version.

When was Ranch Dressing Invented

Ranch dressing was developed by a plumbing contractor and a Nebraska cowboy, Kenneth Henson who along with his wife opened a dude ranch named Hidden Valley Ranch in the early 1950s. In 1972, Clorox took over the Hidden Valley Ranch. Eventually, competitors launched their ‘ranch-style’ products in the market (particularly in Texas) to compete against Hidden Valley Ranch which made it to launch pizza, nacho cheese, and taco flavored ranch dressings.

Primarily, the purpose of ranch dressing was to be served as a buttermilk seasoning for salads and vegetables such as broccoli. Soon the food industry giants saw this as an opportunity and started using this as a dip for chips, nachos, pizza slices, and as one of the main ingredients in the burger. Ranch dressing can also be seen in the bars in the US who serve this along with French fries and fish tacos. Foodies also use this with chicken, tunas and prefer this with grilled corns which create a divine tangy and creamy combination. This delicious thing by Kenneth Henson proved to be one of the most revolutionary recipes ever made for taste buds!