Who Invented School?

The name that comes as the inventor of school is Horace Mann who born in Franklin Massachusetts in 1796. He was a college professor of the subject Latin and Greek; he was also a college president. However, in spite of many school methods and teaching methods before this man, the credit for the contribution and invention of the regular school system in 1837 goes to him. Also, the educational historians call him The Father of Common School Movement.

 Inventor of School
Horace Mann

Another name which comes as the inventor of school is Harry P. School. He, around 1369, started gathering the neighborhood children who behave any unacceptable way and would lock the children up in a building. This concept might be rough, but the guardians of the punished children liked the idea. So, it can be said that he is probably not the inventor of school, but as in his class, the children got punished, so he deserves some amount of credit for the idea of assembling the children to accurate their wrong behavior.

So, it is difficult to say one name who invented the school as there are lots of contributions from many in their way. They all helped to create the educational system which is used in all the schools all around the world.

Who really is Inventor of School?

School is the institution where the students are taught in a learning environment by the teachers. The awareness of knowledge passing in every possible way has always been around, and school is the place where these ideas have been implemented through specific systems which can help the students to learn in more efficient and more organized way. At least once during the school days, every student thinks about the invention of the school and more specifically who was the inventor of college.

ancient roman school

The concept of learning the students in a centralized location has existed even at classical antiquity. Since ancient India, ancient Rome, Ancient China and ancient Greece, there was an existence of formal schools. At that time the student used to gather in a learning area, and that time these learning areas were known as academics. In 425 A. D., the primary education system had been established by the Byzantine Empire. These schools were much different than the today’s schools. These schools were primarily for the military personnel. In these classes, the philosophers of Greek acknowledged the military personnel with various topics and also shared knowledge on subjects like mathematics, language, history, and even philosophy. And this Byzantine system of education continued till the collapse of the empire in 1453 A. D.