who invented the elevator?

We seek elevation in life. We love to grow and go up in any given field. Be it a person or a product, if you want to raise its standard of position you must use an electronic device called Elevator. It is a vertical transportation .We come across elevators in shopping malls, Super facility Nursing homes, business houses and construction sites. The less amount of land acquisition has compelled many individuals to book a spot, which is not in ground floor. Here the problem has been solved by elevators or lifts. The blessing of Biswsa Karma is there to help us out with the knowledge of engineering, apt for modern life.

inventor of the elevator, Elisha Graves Otis

Elisha Graves Otis has thought about elevators for the first time. He has invented safe, steam powered elevator to knock down the problem of carrying person or products up the building. The first elevator shaft was installed in 1853, in New York. Gradually the elevator has developed into modern tools of moving up and down between a buildings floor. There are division between elevators-Elevators to move persons and lifts to carry up and down for inanimate products.

Elevators have been invented for various purposes. The string that shifts the elevator from ground floor to high level of floors is the point of variations to elevators. These elevators have hoisting cable to take care of the lifting. it works on three different parameters.

Carbon –borne elevators-This kind of Elevator is safe. It is been taken care that it is not possible to fall from the shaft unless you are leaning from it. There are some incidents where this elevator operation failed. This type of elevation can borne by 2 to 6 hoist cables to lift up. There is a device that can measure the speed of this elevator whether it is going too fast or not.

Hydraulic elevators-A device is attached to it, which is rapture valve to the hydraulic inlet/outlet cylinder to measure the flow rate. Safety of this elevator is there is risk of hydraulic oil risk, which may contaminate the aquifer and environment. Mine-shaft elevators-this elevator gone through safety testing daily.

The elevators have invented by the person to minimize the attempt of carrying heavy things. They have not to be borne by a person. The high altitude may not disturb he work, which is going on a high floor from the ground.