Who Invented The Harp?

The magical touch by the artistic fingers will take you to a faraway land and the entire universe will conspire to grasp your imagination lovingly. HARP is a kind of musical instrument that conspires to take your imagination to another level if you are a music lover. There are music pieces that have been arranged based on HARP. There is a chorus that has used HARP beautifully along with other instruments.

Here we can variedly speak about HARP, though it’s not in common use around the world. In India, we have to peep through the musical corridors to look for HARP and its player. It has some interesting facts behind it.

Tamil Sangam literature has witnessed the harp and its variants, way back in 200 BC. This instrument used to play by nomadic minstrels for addition. It was inspired by the anchor’s bow during his sailing. He felt the need to retain this amazement as it gave him the sound of twang.

Veena is another variant of the HARP family. It was like a harp vice lute type instrument. There is evidence of harp as we can see gold coins from the age of SAMUDRAGUPTA, as he was playing it. Now we can find it in BURMA.

There is an old version of HARP. It is triangular-shaped. It is made of wood. The strings of this HARP are made of gut, presently it has been replaced with metal strings or nylon. The neck of this instrument is secured for the strings. The music or sound comes down to the sounding board on the resonating body.

There are different types of the sound of the HARP. It varies due to the distance between the tuning peg, the soundboard, weight of the soundboard. There are many concerts based on HARPs mainly in the western world. The music provides certainly lures the artist who is associated with this. The sound might have added a magical portion to every song or piece of music.

The different usage of HARP is there also. There are governments who have used this instrument as a symbol of their national emblem of official things. There are alcohol companies that are using this HARP little different way also.

We will certainly have an eye for a test that makes us rich. We will listen to HARP lovingly. We remember the artist, songs, and sometimes the instruments to soothe our world. Music is a piece of worship that needs long devotion towards it. Mastering any instrument might take a lifetime.